Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Giant Feather Fans | Wednesday Wishlist

One of my favorite burlesque acts, performed by Nicky Ninedoors, is a magnificent fan dance combined with her singing live, accompanied by Brother Keys on the piano. Hauntingly beautiful and ridiculously talented, the duet performed at the Midwest Burlesque Festival this past January.

The fans she used during her performance were made by the delicious Catherine D'lish and I've got a little fund started for a custom set from her!

I found this amazing image of Nicky (Photo by Shimona Henry, custom feather fans made by Catherine D'lish) on the blog of Pandora and The Locksmiths.  Just confirms that I really do need a set of these magnificent fans in my arsenal!!  Can you imagine the sheer awesomeness of the showgirl photos I could create with these beauties?

Who wants to be the first one to be photographed with these when they arrive at the door of my St. Paul studio?? Tee hee!!