Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Studio!

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the absence but we've been working on some exciting changes and we're finally ready to announce one of those changes: our new studio location!  We found the most amazing space in Lowertown Saint Paul we will officially call home in early May. 

It's going to be painted entirely white, making it a perfect palette for any shoot design idea!  Our furniture will be white as well, with small black accents.  IKEA is going to love us after we're done outfitting this amazing space!

When I (Jenn) started looking for a new space, I had a few requirements: lots of natural light, easy access for clients and ample storage space.  I couldn't believe it when I walked in and saw this space, and despite the mid-construction state of it, I feel immediately in love.  I could see myself shooting in the space, meeting clients and designing stunning images.  It would become the creative Oasis we had been searching for!

One of my greatest wishes for my space was to have sets built up for my shoots.  One of them in particular is a bedroom setup for boudoir shoots.  I have totally fallen for light, airy designs and have put together a beautiful dream board for it:

With the south facing windows we have in the new space, I can see a whole session dedicated to this delicate motif!

Look for more photos coming soon after we've moved in and have our studio all set up!